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Want to Hire a 4WD and do the spectacular Gibb River Road? With Gorges, gorges, gorges and crazy-ass landscape – the Gibb River Road is one of the Great roadtrips of all time! If you wanna hire a 2WD Campervan or Minicamper – sorry, you gotta stick to the Great Northern Hwy, but it’s still a breathtaking journey!!

Windjana Gorge

4WD Gibb River Road Stopoff

The Windjana Gorge was created over 350 million years ago. Around this time, a sea blanketed the area and a whole heap of barrier reefs popped up for around 1000km, eventually forming the Napier Range as we know it today.

The awesome Windjana Gorge has been shaped through the Napier Range, over millions of years by the Lennard river. Its name is believed to be a variant of the word "Wandjina" - aboriginal spirit who causes the notorious Kimberley wet seasons. At over 3.5km long, Windjana Gorge reaches a depth of 80 metres. The Lennard River winds through the gorge - a very long sexy river surrounded by steep, ancient reef cliffs & a massive variety of vegetation, some of which include Coolamon Trees, Leichardt Pine, figs, Mellaluecas and grevillias.

A whole tonne of Fresh water crocs sun themselves on sand & in water (parrticularly in the later dry season months - August to November). They won't attempt to hurt you unless they're cornered or threatened. Also visible are Ancient sea fossil imprints and various deposits, which adorn the cliff walls.

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Access: It's a pretty gentle 10 min stroll into the gorge with a great view of cliffs, fossils, river & crocs. Swimming is not particularly recommended because of the vast amount of fresh water crocs in the area. Situated in the Napier Range, North East of Derby. The Exit for the road to access Windjana/Tunnel creek is situated around 120km along the Gibb River Road coming from Derby, or 590km from Kununurra. This particular road is also known as the "Fairfield or Leopold Road" and continues through to ‘Highway 1’.

Overnight Camping is permitted at campsite. Toilets/Showers/Subbish bins available for use. A Ranger is in residence, so be sure to pay your camping fees. No pets permitted. Public phone available. Drinking water facilities. No powered sites.

Tunnel Creek

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Tunnel Creek is a deep, weaving cave network, filled with fresh water. Carved around 1km into the Oscar Range by the waters of Tunnel Creek, some ancient Aboriginal rock art is still visible today.

Access: To access the tunnel you'll have to climb over two fairly large boulders (a little under water). There's sandy banks to walk across through most parts of the cave system. You may have to wade through knee-deep waters in some sections of the cave, depending on the time of year you decide to go. It's very dark in certian parts so remember a torch! A Return adventure through Tunnel Creek and its cave networks will take 1 - 2 hours.

Turn onto Windjana/Tunnel Creek road - around 120km along the Gibb River Road if you're accessing it from Derby. The turn-off to the Windjina/Tunnel Creek road is around 590km if you're coming from Kununurra. Tunnel Creek is located about an hours drive along the Windjana/Tunnel Creek road.

No Camping. No Pets permitted in this region. Toilets are Available for use.

Lennard Gorge

4WD Gibb River Road Stopoff

Discovered by Alexander Forrest in 1879, the awesome Lennard River was named after his Gorg-ess (hah get it!) fiancee, Amy Barret Lennard. Lennard River winds through the centre of a most magnificent narrow gorge, before dropping around 30 metres into a very deep, wide and unbelievable swimming hole. This beautiful swimming hole is featured at the bottom of some super high, steep, ancient cliffs. This waterhole is shadowed by the cliff faces throughout the day - a great place for a picnic and a chill!

Access: The Walk to the view of the gorge from the car park will take you about 30 minutes. It's a fairly long, rough & rocky walking track to the summit of the cliffs - so maybe best to plan your hike for the morning hours when it's a bit cooler. To get to the swimming hole for a lovely dip, it's a very steep climb downwards for around 15 minutes. The pools just above the waterfall can also be a nice place to swim, if you can't make it down to the waterhole. Access road is located around 200km if you're coming from Derby along the Gibb River Road. The exit is around 510km if you're driving your 4WD from Kununurra. The road from Gibb River Road to Gorge Carpark will take you around 15 mins to drive.

No Camping. No Pets permitted in this region. Toilets are Available for use.

Bell Gorge

4WD Gibb River Road Stopoff

Also located in the King Leopold Range conservation park, Bell Gorge and Bell Creek was initially discovered in 1898 by the sexy Frank Hann. Bell Creek winds through the centre of the gorge and home to a breath-taking waterfall over 100 metres high. There's a deep swimming hole at the bottom of the waterfall, encased by shade from the surrounding high cliffs.

Access: The outlook of Bell Falls is a fairly leuisurely walk from the car park on a sloping trail. To get down to the swimming hole, you'll need to cross the river at the top of the waterfall (jump on the rocks), then climb down a fairly steep escarpment for around 20 minutes. There's markers to help guide the way, so don't freak out baby! The Access Road for Bell Gorge is situated very close to the Imintji Roadhouse and around 215km if you're coming from Derby along the Gibb River Road. It's around 490km if you're crusing from Kununurra in your 4WD. The Bell Gorge carpark is around 40 mins drive from the Gibb River Road.

Overnight Camping is permitted at Silent Grove campsite. Toilets/Showers/Subbish bins available for use. Be sure to pay ypur camping fees. No pets permitted. Public phone & BBQ's available. Drinking water facilities. No powered sites.

Adcock Gorge

4WD Gibb River Road Stopoff

Adcock Gorge is an impressive landmark, with granite cliffs & a pretty lily-lined waterway. A brisk walk will bring you to a dead-end in the river - here there is a waterfall over a steep cliff face, winding around a nice, deep and wide water hole. There are still some ancient Aboriginal paintings featured on the Southern Cliff face if you care for a look!

Access: The walk to the main swimming hole from the carpark is fairly leisurely and will take you around 15 mins. The walking trail ends at the mouth of the swimming hole with the waterfall. Access Road is situared on Mt House station Land, around 270km if you're driving from Derby or 440km if coming from Kununurra. Access to the carpark will take around 20 minutes to drive from Gibb River Road.

Overnight camping is not Permitted. This is cattle station land - owned by Mt House Pastoral Partnership. No Ammenities Available. Pets Okay.

Galvan's Gorge

4WD Gibb River Road Stopoff

Galvans Gorge is situated at the base of steep cliffs, featuring a deep waterhole and an impressive waterfall. It's quite easy to access if you're keen for a swim.

Access: It's a fairly leisurely 15-minute walk through bush, granite outcrops and pretty lily-lined waterways. It's around 285km if you're travelling from Derby and 420km if you're 4WD driving from Kununurra. The car park is just next to the Gibb River road (no access road).

No Camping. No Pets permitted in this region. Aboriginal Land.

Manning Gorge

4WD Gibb River Road Stopoff

Manning Gorger is like a little oasis - featuring white, sandy beaches and pandanus trees lining an opening onto a wide, super-clear waterhole. Just a brief walk from the campgrounds, to access the gorge you'll first need to swim across the river, followed by a short walk towards the summit of Manning Gorge. Feturing a waterfall and a deep, wide swimming hole, Manning Gorge is surrounded by granite cliffs & rock outcrops.

Access: Stroll to the main beach and swimming hole from the carpark (will take about 2 minutes). Walk up the walking trail to the top of the gorge & waterfall is a decent hike and will take you around 3.5 hours return. To get to Manning Gorge you need to take the exit at Mt Barnett Roadhouse, aprroximately 300km if you're driving from Derby. It's around 405km coming in from Kununurra.

You'll need to pay entry & camp fees at the Roadhouse, then drive through the gate. You'll enter the gorge access Road, which takes around 15-20 minutes from the roadhouse to carpark & campground.

Camping Permitted At Campsite. No Powered Sites.

Outback Motoring

Outback AWD rental

Australia’s size and remoteness deter many people from exploring it. However, properly set up and equipped, and armed with common sense and a little background knowledge, every intending traveller can explore the country’s huge open space.

If you intend travelling in the outback, planning ahead is vital, for it is possible to travel in some sections of the Australian outback and not see another vehicle or person for several days. It is possible to travel in some areas of the outback in a 2WD vehicle, but it is safer and much more practical to do so in a 4x4 vehicle suited to off-road conditions.

Since driving conditions in the outback vary greatly, you should always consider the right 4x4 hire for your travel. 4x4 rental are the best when it comes to soft sand, bulldust and mud, and crossing a creek of stream.

Critical rules that you need to pay attention when you are motoring in the outback:

  • Check intended 4x4 routes carefully
  • Check the best time of year to travel
  • Check your load; keep it to a minimum
  • Check ahead of local road conditions, weather forecasts and fuel availability
  • Check that you have essential supplies: water, food and fuel
  • Don’t forget your detailed maps
  • Respect Aboriginal sacred and cultural sites, and heritage buildings and pioneer relics
  • Protect native flora and fauna; take photographs not specimens
  • Follow restrictions on the use

Planning Ahead is Important!

backpacking Australia

There is so much to of Australia to see and so many ways to see it. Today, even the most remote sections of this vast continent are accessible, particularly to 4x4 vehicles designed for use on the bush tracks and unmade roads.

For some, exploring Australia will mean touring the made highways and staying in motels. Others will tow their accommodation with them on a 4x4 camper. Others will opt for a mobile home with sleeping and cooking facilities, and yet other group will choose to be the true adventurers, will load a tent on top of the 4x4 hire and go bush. In all cases, some careful planning will enhance the journey immeasurably.

As a traveller, you need to plan ahead:

  • Find advance information on the 4x4 area you are going to explore
  • When to go; find the best time to explore in your 4x4
  • Plan which way to go; plan your 4x4 route and itineraries
  • Locate where you would like to stay and campout in your 4wd
  • Find the right 4x4 hire that really suits your budget
  • When you book your 4x4, make sure you are covered with the right insurance

Campervan Hire New Zealand

campervan hire New Zealand

Travelling by a campervan hire in New Zealand is a great option. There are no restrictions other than those you impose on yourself, you have freedom of the open road. You get every opportunity to look for and plan for your road trip. We make sure that you take home memories of one of the greatest holidays ever! If you’re thinking about campervan hire New Zealand, Wicked Campers rental New Zealand offers you the best.

Roadtrip New Zealand

Are you planning on taking a rodadtrip in New Zealand, or maybe you’re embarking on a holiday and camping vacation in Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown? If so, why not take the comfort and security of a camper van hire? Wicked campervan rental New Zealand, located in all major cities in New Zealand, offers camper van rental options that could make your trip a more pleasant one.

Wicked budget camper rental, AWDs and cars are not only economical, but also allows you the freedom and autonomy by putting you in the driver’s seat. Instead of following the strict timetables you’d have on a group tour, on the New Zealand self-drive holiday you get to choose what time you leave, where you want to stay, who you want to hang out with, and what you want to see!

For a great start to your holiday book a Wicked campervan! Here you will find quality, cheap and perfect campervan offers. We offer great specials that would amaze your desire. Regardless if what you think you know, what you have seen or done so far, nothing will prepare you for, can be compared to, or will come close to what your are about to experience in a Wicked roadtrip adventure!

Budget Campervan Rental Auckland, New Zealand

Start your roadtrip in New Zealand on a campervan rental in Auckland. The best part about hiring a campervan is that you have your transportation and accommodation all in one. Don’t worry about lugging your luggage out of buses everyday, checking into new hostels and sharing dorm rooms with strangers; when you’re in our New Zealand campervans you can simply stop driving when you get tired, or when you find your own little piece of paradise. With no set itineraries you can roam the stunning landscape, whenever, wherever and with whomever you please.

Budget Campervan Rental Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand is made for campervan travel with campsites and Department of Conservation Parks conveniently located across all tourist destinations, giving you the opportunity to travel around on the very, very cheap. You can save all your money on hotels and bus tickets if rent our camper vans, plus you get that awesome experiences. Dont worry about lugging your backpacks out of buses everyday/checking into new hostels/sharing dorm rooms with strangers; cause when you’re travelling in our New Zealand campervans simply stop driving when you find your own little piece of paradise. With no set itineraries you can roam the stunning landscape, whenever, wherever and with whomever you please.

Budget Campervan Rental Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown has it all – the best party culture, the best ski resorts, blue skies, wineries, lake-side walks and hundreds of adventures on offer such as sailing, hiking, climbing, cycling, golfing, mountain-biking and skiing. The town goes OFF all-year around and is surrounded by majestic, awe-inspiring mountains and the crystal clear Lake Wakatipu – you can’t afford to miss it on your next wicked roadtrip.

The whole of New Zealand can be your slice of heaven, with convenient rest stops, Department of Conservation Parks and campsites sprinkled across all the major roads and tourist tracks. You’ll save a fortune on hostels and bus tickets, meaning you’ll have more cash in your pocket for all the awesome experiences on offer in Queenstown and beyond. With no set itineraries you can roam the stunning landscape, whenever, wherever and with whomever you please.

Cheap Travel Deals Australia

travel deals Australia

Outback Travel Deals

Wanna see some red dirt and blue sky? Well look no further than Johnny Feelgood's Travel Deals out of Alice Springs, Coober Pedy and throughout Australia! Whether you want a 4WD or an organised tour, Johnny Feelgood has you covered baby! Don't resort to sniffing cheap glue because you spent all your money on a crappy tour - ask Johnny Feelgood to hook you up with the best tours at the best prices. You'll save so much money, you can buy premium glue and get a classy high...

Tasty Deals

Johnny Feelgood has slashed its prices so much you'd think Freddy Krueger's been in the sales department. But he hasn't. We did it! Save up to 50% on travel tours, activities and campervan hire across Australia!! Want to feel up a camel in the desert? Johnny can get you there. Want to scuba-dive with a siamese fighting shark? Well if they exist, then Johnny can get you there! The cheapest travel deal with the sexiest tour operators, Johnny Feelgood will make you feel...good. Yay.

Trip Ideas in Australia

Do you find it hard choosing a travel destination? Me too. Sometimes I just like to get trashed and play plane-roullette. But sometimes you can end up in the ghetto, or New Zealand. So it's probably better to plan your trip. Luckily, the brain-heads at Johnny Feelgood have concocted a whole bunch of trip ideas, so you can do a bit of research before you choose where to go. Check them out, there's roadtrips and campervan hire deals across Australia - your eyes will fall out with anticipation.

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